YouTube Playlist

These are updated periodically – especially since there is some censorship going on there….

All is Christian Music and I have a fondness for Casting Crowns, Wow Worship CD’s and some older Christian Music. But I also have older teens/20 something kids so some of the songs are their favorites as well….

This is a Sampling

  1. God of the Impossible – Everfound
  2. While I’m Waiting – John Waller
  3. Break Every Chain – Jesus Culture
  4. Chain Breaker – Zack Williams
  5. O Come To The Altar – Elevation Worship
  6. Restore – Chris August
  7. Everything – Lifehouse
  8. Freedom – Run Kid Run
  9. Scars – I Am They

Spotify Playlist

Because we share a family Spotify Account – this is ever growing with all ages from 9-22…. plus my husband and I.  So it is quite eclectic and does have Journey on it (and not sure that classifies as worship music – but not inappropriate….)

Our Family Favorites

  1. Coming sooonnnnn…….

Vicky & Chuck Adkins

Some amazing talented artists that I get the pleasure to call friends.  Chuck wrote the theme to this website and podcast. and named it Suzanne’s Song.   You can listen below to the full song!

Listen to Chuck & Vicky

Vicky’s YouTube: Music:

Vicky’s YouTube Channel:

Chuck’s YouTube Music:

Chuck’s YouTube Channel: Adkins